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How Tennis Saved My Life

Sam P. Jalloh

In this fascinating, true story, ’How Tennis Saved My Life’, Sam gives a mind-blowing account of his experiences during the war. He takes us on a gripping journey from his birth to manhood, through experiences, ranging from extreme despair to heart-warming triumph. Sam’s story combines his wisdom and insight into finding the strength to pull through life’s challenges and will resonate with anyone facing an obstacle, no matter how big or small. Today, Sam enjoys his career as an International Tennis Coach touring with players from all over the world. As a physical, nutritional and mental coach, he plumbs his own experiences of adversity and precarious survival to inspire his students, and his readers, to succeed. Across three continents, Europe, Africa and Australia, Sam’s motivational presentations hearten and exhilarate people of all ages with reflections on his life’s journey, his family and how tennis saved his life.