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Hybrid Eyes - Reflections of an African in Europe

Osman Sankoh (Mallam O.)

Hybrid Eyes - Reflections of an African in Europe is a moving and insightful account of the experiences of a young Sierra Leonean graduate who achieves his dream of going to Europe for further studies. As he encounters people and institutions, his idealistic expectations of German society soon give way to the harsh realities of discrimination and other disadvantages foreigners, especially black Africans, face in their host country. But not all Germans discriminate against blacks and blame the problems of their country on foreigners. Hybrid Eyes is compelling reading for everyone. It is a story that young people who aspire to study in Europe should read to help them prepare for adjustment to the demands of their prospective foreign environment. It is also a sound warning to those who wish to explore the greener pastures of Europe that the grass is not as green as they think, or are made to believe. Written in simple, straightforward English, and neatly structured in interwoven episodes, Hybrid Eyes is also highly recommended for schools.