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Life is a Movie

Solomon J. Keikura

In the history of humanity, the quest for a meaningful life remains a major pursuit for all humankind. But in seeking a meaningful life, we have caused problems such as war, global warming, pandemic disease, poverty, etc., making life more meaningless.  Today life is what it is because of the various ways we have defined it. This book Life is a Movie unravels the mysteries of life and presents a definite answer to the question: “What is life?” With many Scripture references and life scenarios, this book explains what makes life a movie and how every man and woman as characters should play their roles very well to make the movie (life) an interesting one to watch. So, it is not just a book but also a script for a better way of life - A Call To Action ***** "Life is a movie is a one-of-a-kind hero message! In his unprecedented approach, Solomon has delivered a book that will unlock the reality of life within you." Augustine Sheku, SLEFES President.