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Sailing Against Currents

Mohamed Combo Kamanda

This story aims to capture the triumph against social barriers by a brave, single-minded female, who is uninhibited by the prejudices and challenges of traditional values and other external forces in society. Seibatu, the main character, is gifted, talented and equally ambitious. Her father, a traditionalist, would rather she is initiated into the secret society for women (Sande/Bondo) and surrendered in marriage to a man, old enough to be her grandfather. A medley of circumstances estranges Seibatu from the Sellu Kisima family, but at the same time providing her the opportunity of acquiring first class overseas education. Does her traditionalist father go back on his words after Seibatu successfully completes her studies abroad and returns home? Should children, particularly girls, resign themselves to their fates designed for them by the male chauvinists, or strive to shape and achieve their own destinies?