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Moonlight Stories of Lokomasama - Volume 1: The Night of 101 Stories

Art Koroma

It's the wedding night in the palace of Paramount Chief Bai-Sama, but by morning, the new queen, Sentho, is to be put to death like a thousand young brides before her. Her brother, Denkehna is a gifted storyteller, but is his mastery in the art of storytelling enough to save his sister's life? With a mischievous imagination coupled with a sugary tongue, Denkehna paints a dazzling array of stories and evoke characters, summoned from strange and magical worlds populated by animals, birds, beasts, giant genies, singing trees and crafty people. Can Denkehna's story telling prowess create enough spell to wrestle Sentho's life from the snare of death? Here, the art of storytelling is about to meet its ultimate test ever, which is its ability to save life. Can it do it? You be the judge…