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Elsan's Handbook of International Management

Hassan Elsan Mansaray

The book is about International Management practices in cross country business environment. International management implies the management of business operations in more than one country. As internationalization of businesses has become a reality all over the world, managers are practically certain to work together with members of other cultures throughout their careers in foreign operations. This being the case presents the intricacies of International Management. As culture is occasionally very important so the managers need the skills to know which culture and structure are important, and respond applicably. There is also need to have the far sightedness and understanding to comprehend the national variances. The failure to be familiar with these differences is sometimes the common cause of failure for multinational enterprises.  Besides, international management practice is becoming a field of its own. Nearly every management textbook being used in business syllabi today has at least one chapter devoted exclusively to international management. Colleges and universities are offering degrees ranging from associates to Ph.D.’s in the field. Just as companies gradually come into the international business arena, the number of management openings will grow.